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Step Two - Miami

sunny 26 °C

Safe and sound in Miami after an annoyingly annoying day.

So I promised an American Airlines Review, or threatened to do it so here it is.

American Airlines makes Qantas look like awesome.

So checked in online with AA no problems the night before, went to check in at the airport and had to do the same process again because thats how they roll and I had bag to check in, so I get to the select number of bags bit and the thieving cunts American Airlines wanted to charge $25 for my bag. Now I am fully aware they that charge for check in baggage which is why I paid for it when I booked my ticket months ago and is reflected in the ticket price I paid. So I question this charge with the check-in chick and her helpful insight was, well if the computer says you have to pay then you have to pay despite already paying and conveniently enough the print of out my receipt from the initial booking doesn't mention details of additional items you pay for with the ticket i.e. the baggage, which is a con, once in Quito or if i get motivated tonight I will be sending request for refund.

So after check in and$25 lighter, I got to go through one of those full body scanners they have now, and then had a pat down and then had my bag tested for bomb residue, bit overkill but anyhow. Finally get on the plane and I'm going through those moments of hoping no one sits next to you as everyone else boards the plane and walks past my seat, I was hopefully of an empty seat until big mama comes walking down the aisle and stops next to me (Im in aisle seat), you can guess my thoughts. So I got up and she sat down in her seat and she was that fat the arm rest couldn't fold all the way down and was sitting on one of her fat rolls. Now I look up and decide to distract myself from jelly thoughts and watch tv....guess what, yes it was broken.....you can guess my thoughts. 2 people around me asked for help from the stewardesses for help searching for available and getting bags into the overhead compartments for which both of them said there are plenty of storage available and proceeded to walk off without any further assistance....not very good customer service.

So now we are taking off (just off the runway) and I hear the stewardess or whatever they are called now say watch your head, so I look up and find the overhead compartment across the aisle from me had fallen open, so I am slowly watching this bag start to slide out and finally drops on the guys head next to me (he was sleeping so did'nt see it coming...sucks to be him), I did attempt an intercept but due to seat belt and arm length restrictions was unable to save the day and the bag fell into the aisle after waking the dude up with a blow to the head.

Eventually as soon as we got to cruising altitude I saw another available seat and squeezed out of mine and sat there for the rest of the 4hr40min trip for which I was very thankful. Oh and had my first ever drag queen/tranny stewardess, big dude with big red wig looked like he/she just got out of the shower and had tatts down his/her arm.

In flight entertainment system was ok for an internal flight, when working that is, low quality resolution screens though but fast to navigate around. They also had a black and white projector in the cabin which I though was very retro :)

So American Airline Sucks, Qantas is great.

Oh and dont get me started about waiting around at the airport for my airport transfer, stupid hotel chicks fault cost me nearly 2 hrs sitting in the heat waiting for the mystery van to show up.

So finally off to Quito tomorrow, maybe you will get an LAN flight review, hopefully better than AA.

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Step One

Melb - LA

sunny 32 °C

So successfully arrived in LA for the second time this year and like the first time I will not have time to see any of it before I fly out again tomorrow. Currently sitting in the hotel lobby waiting to check in so I will just waffle on with shit on here to fill the time.

Flight Review :)
Flew over in a Qantas A380, my first time flying with Qantas internationally and I can see why profits are down, but you wouldn't think it considering how much they were pushing Duty Free crap to buy during the flight...trying to make up the shortfall I reckon.

I had to clean the last passengers meal from my seat before I could sit down which was a good start, luckily there were no kids around as I had to leave my awesome noise cancelling headphones at home due to packing size issues. The section I was seated in was the last to be served lunch and I was sitting in the middle of the plane, the women sitting 2 seats across from me had finished her meal and was onto coffee before I even got my meal, and they had run out of everything since we were the last to get served so I ate crap beef and something else I couldn't make out. And as airlines seems to do my next meal was Breakfast at 2am which I still don't understand why they do that, cant they just provide dinner, who eats breakfast at 2am.

In flight entertainment system lacked quantity and was slow to respond to my touch :) , I had run out of movies to watch with 3hrs left in the flight, so had to resort to watching old movies and Arj Barker stand-up. Emirates still wins hands down on in-flight entertainment.


Took a photo of my plane and you can note from the photo the large Qantas Logos on the engines, this makes it easier for them to locate and claim when they fall on the head of Pacific Islanders.

You can probably tell I don't like Qantas much, on the plus side the colour and style of their seats is ok.... definitely not up to Gangnam style standards :)

That's the end of my review for today...tomorrow you may be lucky and get an American Airlines review...your excited arnt you :)

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Pre-Trip Expectations

all seasons in one day 16 °C

So a friend of mine said I should write down what I expect to get out of my trip but to be honest I am trying not to expect anything, partly because it will ensure I'm never disappointed in anything that doesn't happen that I was expecting would happen....there's logic in there somehwere.

Tad worried about my fitness levels for the Inca Trail, I only hope I'm not bringing up the rear and there's some old dude behind me who we can all blame for slowing everyone down :)

Cant wait to see the Amazon, will be seeing that twice, once in Ecuador and again in Brazil. The Brazil bit includes a 5 day boat journey down the Amazon River which sounds pretty rough from what I have read but that's half the fun or so I say now.

Carnival in Rio should be interesting as will the W Trek down in Chile and looking forward to spending some time in Buenos Aires, see if I can learn the Tango, Samba, Rumba or whateverba.

Still have some final details to iron out before I leave, and hoping that all my crap can fit in the backpack, didn't realize how small 90 litres is, doesn't help much that my camera gear takes up a hefty chunk of my luggage weight allowance.

I am looking forward to spending a couple of months in Colombia at the very end of my traveling part of the trip to spend some time in one location to be able to absorb some local culture....and no that doesn't include the white stuff, just need to prove to everyone that Colombia is not the scary place that everyone thinks it is, although the recent kidnapping of 2 Aussies by Colombians in Ecuador doesn't help much, but they did let them go straight away after it happened, so there's a plus.

I have told my parents not to worry about putting money aside for my ransom as I have watched the Great Escape many times and it seems all I need to get out of any situation is a spoon and a motorbike....what can go wrong.

So hear goes...take of in under 36hrs

Aquí vengo América del Sur
(courtesy of Google translate as I still don't know jack shit in Spanish)

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Take Two


So since my first attempt at a blog failed miserably when boozing across the USA I am hoping this time I will have more time to actually record what I will be getting up to in the next 12 or so months.

Preparations are well underway and I must say it is hard to try and plan what I will be doing for the next 12 months, well plan the details that is, but then I'm trying not to plan for all the details as I do want to leave some room for the unexpected (which is usually where the adventure and fun begins).

So as a basic overview I am planning to circumnavigate South America with some organised groups tours and some independent travel in parts and finally head up to Central America before returning to Australia permanently...so no more returning to Oman to breathe in that sand filled air. I wont go into to much detail of where I'm headed until I get their as I'm sure to give my mother a heart attack, but now that I've said that I will await your panicked email mum.

Mid October is the kick off date so will get back to this then, fingers crossed for decent WIFI in the Amazon is all I can say, otherwise post will be few and far between nd may appear in bulk.

Off to the gym now for more prep work (honestly I will go back to watching TV thinking I should be at the Gym but anyway).

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